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It is my joy to tell homeschool moms, "Well done." At the Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, South Carolina last month I talked with some moms who needed to hear that they were doing okay at this homeschooling/parenting thing. I hope they went away encouraged.

But there's a chance they thought, "If she only knew...she wouldn't say 'well done.'" In this newsletter, I want to tell you why I can still say that with confidence.

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This Week's Sanity Saver: Knowing You're Doing Well

Last month was one of the most stressful of my life. I traveled to two conventions across the country, I had cancer scares for two of my best friends and myself, I had a last phone call with one of those friends as she faced a life-threatening surgery, and I was shocked to learn that my husband had had a small stroke just before we traveled out of state for a wedding. Those are just the majors.

Yesterday, I sat down to truth journal and evaluate how this Christian psychologist, who teaches others how to handle stress, had managed last month. This is the essence of what I wrote:

- I have been terrified. I haven't trusted You, Lord.
- I have dropped my normal routine. I haven't been working, cleaning, teaching, or exercising as much as I should.
- I have used poor coping strategies -- chocolate, shopping, and social media.

I was ready to be reprimanded for what a failure I have been. I was prepared to hear that I was a poor steward of my time and a fraud to boot.

But instead, I clearly felt the Lord saying, "Well done."

How could I have done well?! Because I'm not drooling and babbling in a locked ward somewhere?

It took me a while to grasp that like the tax collector who beat his breast with remorse over his sin, I had done well by realizing that I can't do anything in my own strength.

I am weak. But the Bible tells us that that's when we're strong. When we come to Him in humility, the Lord can work through us and He is pleased.

When moms come to ask me if they're doing okay, I can confidently say, "Well done." The humility that invites the Lord's work is there. And that's all we need to do well.

If you need more encouragement, read This is Why You're Not Failing as a Homeschool Mom or listen to my interview with Jamie Erickson on homeschooling bravely.

I am so thankful that one friend survived her surgery, that a second friend had surgery and likely does not have cancer, and that my husband's sensation continues to improve. I would love your prayers for my friends' and husband's recovery.

Now how can I pray for you? Hit reply and let me know.

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